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Hasta La Vista Sports Center

Hasta La Vista is World’s biggest squash club!

Our club is a modern and professional sports center in which there is a possibility to train racket sports and shaping body at the gym and during fitness classes. Hasta la Vista is a high-quality club leading with passion, featuring 32 squash courts and extensive sports & leisure facilities which all together create perfect conditions for playing SQUASH!

Club Hasta la Vista has the newest  in Poland mobile, glass squash court made by COURTWALL. This court creates phenomenal conditions not only for playing, but also for watching squash – there are stand saround the court  with seats for 300 people so fans can see every detail of the game. The enormous size of the object allows us to perfectly adapt the space for international championships. The court was used during events such as PSA Tournament 2017, The World Games 2017, European Masters Individual Championships 2017 and has been tested by the best players from around the world. It is praised by foreign players, including Edmon Lopez, the winner of PSA HLV Open, who described his game experience on our court as follows:

I played on many glass courts, but on this one, it was the most enjoyable and I saw the ball best!

Hasta la Vista, which is located in the magical city of Wroclaw, our sport centre is a unique place both for competitions and touristic visits. The huge space provides unlimited possibilities of organizing sports events. So far, Hasta la Vista hosted the best Polish players during the Polish Individual Championships in 2014 (IMP 2014), and the greatest players from all over the world during events as, The World Junior Championships 2013 (WJC 2013), Polish Squash Masters 2016, 4 editions of Polish Junior Open, The World Games 2017, European Masters Individual Championships 2017.

Gained experience confirms our belief that ETC 2018 held in Hasta La Vista – the world’s biggest squash club will be an important and memorable point in your squash career.

Services free of charge for ETC 2018 players avaiable at Hasta la Vista:

  1. Well-equipment gym (450 m2).
  2. SPA zone, with 4 saunas (two Finnish saunas, one steam sauna, one  infrared sauna) and jacuzzi.
  3. Car park with 130 spots.
  4. Practice courts avaiable since the day before the tournament starts.
  5. Wi-Fi at the Hasta la Vista club.

Paid services for ETC 2018 players avaiable at Hasta la Vista:

  1. Proshop at Hasta la Vista club, more info:
  2. Racket stringing – more info:
  3. Snacks, coffee, tea at club’s reception.
  4. Lunch and dinner to buy at catering zone.


Phone +48 713 773 730