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European Team Championships 2018

European Team Championships Divions 1 & 2, which will be held in Wroclaw, are the most prestigious international squash event in Europe.  The championships will be played at the sports center Hasta la Vista, at the beginning of May 2018 and will last for four days. That will be the 46th competition this type for men’s teams, and 41st for women’s teams. This event will be attended by over 300 guests from around the world. In previous years, these championships were hosted by such countries as Finland (European Team Championships 2017), Poland (European Team Championships 2016) and Denmark (European Team Championships 2015), so we are aware that this is the most important European squash event that has ever been held at our club.

Hasta la Vista is the largest squash center in the world. Availability of 32 courts creates the oportunity to play every match in one facility. Additional infrastructure, which will be built upbefore the championships, will include, among others, glass court, stands, catering, physiotherapy, sports equipment service, exercise courts, touching screens for displaying draws and results. Fans will be able to watch struggles of the best squash players from the stands, which will have  300 seats.

Hasta la Vista club  is only 3 kilometers away from the city center. There are many trams and buses lines around the club, so after sports emotions, it will be easy to take a trip through the beautiful Wroclaw’s Old Town.

It will be our privilege and honor to host the best squash teams in the world!